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Quartet of People

via Daily Prompt: Quartet

Family, Friends,

Strangers, Acquaintances;

The four set to describe

The people you meet all your life.

But is that truly enough

To put them into a block of words?

To dub them like they have no depth

Like they’re just some collective nouns

There’s a different tone behind the words

For dissimilar individuals,

Because their thoughts are distinctive, diverse

And they don’t match with everyone else:

The biggest is always the Stranger set

The mind often forgets, but sub-conscious brings them back.

More so with Acquaintances,

“Did you know who came in my dream last night?

Jenny, the girl who had the pink helmet!”

 But the mind addles more on the former two,

The ones who guide you through ideas, paths,

Choices, decisions and latter halves.

But no, infinity would not be enough

 To tell you what I think about these four

All I can say is its never close, but not too remote.


via Daily Prompt: Incubate

Can it be said to be a part of the process of nurturing a new being inside your being? Giving life to a new being, animal, reptile, mammal, by giving them shelter. The mortality rate is quite affected by this word here, I’m sure we’ve just never connected it though, have we?

But a word that subconsciously came to my mind as soon as I read ‘incubate’ is: feminine. (Don’t be alarmed, “ah, a round-about debate about feminism again, is it?” no sir, or lady. Although to be honest the word has become alarming, just saying.) And I stopped and thought, “why?”

Most birth processes, incubation included, mostly involve females. The human mother carries the human baby, female birds look after and sit on their eggs to provide enough warmth and eventually, crack them open, in the matter of saying.

But then my mind revolted. “So you are saying, your father had nothing to do in those nine months you spent cramped inside your mother’s belly? Was it truly just her then?” And I staggered.

Yes, the initial thought behind the word was feminine, but as one broadens their perspective and psychoanalyses, it does mean that one is undermining the efforts males put into the birth processes. Your father used to bring groceries and other desired stuff when mama got too big, he gave her emotional and mental (and sometimes physical) support through her adventure as a bearer of good news (I hope?) and lastly; lets not forget, it takes two to clap, innit?

So, as I look into it with all my thoughts now combined, I realise: don’t judge too quickly. I probably thought incubate is a word tending towards feminine aspects, but a quick check of thoughts put my hastily-made presumption in place.


Don’t fall for your thoughts too quickly. Its just a ‘bait’.



My mother always tells me, “You walk very shabbily. It’s un-womanly. Ugh, you’ve gone on me.” And I’m not always sure whether to accept it or tell her that she in fact is kind of insulting herself too, so I just laugh (inwardly, of course. If your mother catches you laughing, it’s either suspicious or because you don’t have ANYTHING else to do, in which case, “GO GET GROCERIES BE OF SOME USE”). So I kind of made it a practice that whenever I step outside my house, I’d like to walk better; better as in a catwalk. You know, swaying my hips (to an extent, at least that’s what I think I do), keeping the knees straight and tight and legs going cross in front of another, and not in two different directions (which is how my mother describes how I walk, personally I think I’ve got the exaggeration skills from her).

This was and is my concept of strut. I watched Sherri Hill’s Paris Show’s ramp walk, so I’m not sure if my concept remains pertinent for the future too, but well, future = uncertain anyways. So, this strutting has somewhat made me confident while walking. You know, keeping your shoulders back and relaxed, chin high (not enough to see the birds flying though) and neck straight.

And no, I’m not a fitness fanatic, if you’re wondering by my immaculate descriptions of postures    nor am I a body language reader, but I’m just observing what my body does when I get confident.

It changes.

In a good way, for me. So strutting for me = confidence. (Yeah I might have used ‘strutting’ here, but if you see it in simple nomadic terms I’m literally saying walking makes me confident. Guess I am weird, huh who would have thought? *everyone around me*)

Just Starting, Chill!

Hey! Newborn overgrown stuffy clingy and needy kid here (not exactly)!

So this is my first time writing/creating a blog, don’t judge me already!

I’ve always been awe-spired by people who’ve already had their blogs on the internet, while I was literally struggling with my easy-peasy school compositions and essays. I used to wonder, “Damn, here I am, sitting on Word and trying to find synonyms for ‘hard work’, while these guys write English in some other language itself! I know, technically English cannot be another language, but you know what I mean! (You do, right?)

But my affection for English grew some years back, and now I can proudly say I’m good at it, I might even be a Nazi! That doesn’t mean I won’t go wrong, because honestly, TO ERR IS HUMAN. (This was such a life saver in school essays, at least for me, to make the teacher think, ‘Ooh, she knows some quotes, okay 2 marks granted!’)

Anyways, I don’t even know if I’ll reach the level of interesting bloggers and writers, but I sure do hope to get inspired to. I feel like I’ll do short, scribble-y blogs, but bear with me, I hope it can be fun!

Cheers everyone! Let’s embark on this journey too, for THIS SHALL PASS TOO!

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